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What Google searches in your website? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Waheed Akhtar   
Sunday, 11 January 2009 12:13

In this article about search engine optimization, I have described about the areas of your website that appears in searches and how can you optimize these areas.

Basically this is our daily routine to search on Google. That's why we don't focus. After reading this article, you will definitely change something in your website.

Ok take an example; I searched a phrase Florists in Houston

As you can see there are two keywords in it.

1- Florists
2- Houston

Look at the top results in image below.

what google searches in website

You can see there are three areas, Where Google searched and highlighted keywords.

1- Title
2- Content
3- Domain Name

Now we discuss each of them.

1- Title

You must be thinking after seeing results, Should I write all my keywords in my Website Title?

Nop, Never do that. But do a bit of that. :)

If you look in most websites, they write their Website name in Title with their logo text. I tell you something. It is not needed, because you can use Content Area, Meta Description etc. for that.

Title is most prominent material of website that appears in Searches. Don't waste it's length in your website name and long logo text. Even if you insist on Website Name then skip the logo.

I will advise to use your strongest target keywords in beautiful way. Like till 14 February floral Website Title keywords should be like that

FreshFloral - Send valentine day gifts and flowers to Houston

Now it will hit 4 keywords valentine, gifts, flowers, Houston

So, review your website title, Use your Website title as keywords target.

2- Content

Rich Content and I mean Textual Content not graphics, is always favorite to search engines.

Try to analyze that what people are looking for?
You can use Google keyword tool for that

Now use these keywords in your Content. If it doesn't fit in your content then adjust them in Footer or Sides, because Google will take them definitely. This is called Keywords Density. 

To enhance keyword density, do read my article about Insite Linking

For the Google Adwords Advertisers:

Same areas are highlighted in Top Ads that appeared with above search query. So If you are making Ad campaign then follow same rules.




3- Domain Name

This is area where mostly you will not found your control. If you try to take Domain Name based on your keyword, you will found it already hosted. :)

Nearly all good keyword domains you will look for will not be available. However, an approach I have seen, that website name uses some common digits. Like,,, and if you can't get .com then try .net, .biz or other TLD.

One thing I leave you to search is URL Rewriting for search friendly URLs. This can help you build keywords links like my website.

I will write article about URL Rewriting soon.

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 January 2009 10:34
Simple, honest, effective. Well written article
2 Wednesday, 21 January 2009 23:46
Nondas Angelakos
Waheed Akhtar, i find your articles great to read simple and to the point. In my earlier years of SEO i remember articles and texts were normally lengthy, complex and unfiltered blabber, so well done.
Good to learn that
1 Monday, 19 January 2009 22:14
It is simple but its precious. I never focused that what areas of my website are important to search engines. Now, it is always on my mind.