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Mobile websites ( New boom for freelancers ) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Waheed Akhtar   
Thursday, 09 September 2010 09:17

Now there is a new field for the Freelancers to get a lot of work. Although it was there but now you will see its demand on freelance forums. I have observed this trend on Elance and People are now more and more interested in Mobile websites.

Well, it is something very simple but most of web developers are unaware or haven’t tried it. What I like to share that I am seeing potential of high earnings in it. You can get good projects if you adopt this trend now and make some mobile websites to present.

Unlike Iphone or Android applications, Mobile website are nearly same as normal websites. As there are less developers working on mobile websites, This is exact time to accelerate and capture the business.

A mobile website is just like other website but with certain features and limitations.


1- Adjustable resolution to fit all mobiles.
2- Less use of images. more use of CSS.
3- Content and Text with large fonts or in bold case.
4- You can use JavaScript but it is not supported on some browsers. So keep other options also.
5- It is not necessary that all mobile browsers will give same results. So you might keep the design clean, simple and in center.


I will recommend Opera Mini Mobile browsers to developers. It gives standard view of website. You can try others also.

Now let’s take an example website.

This is simple squeeze page for mobiles that I am working on

You can see, it is made on 100% width, because it has to stretch according to the resolution of mobile.

Another example is

After making any mobile website, validate your website here

So Freelancers!

Start now and get some work immediately.

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1 Sunday, 21 November 2010 18:17
Yes i agree with you now a days mobile sites are very inn. Most of the people now shifting there website to mobile website. I am a Web Designer and i do freelancing and i am getting alot of project of mobile websites.

I recommend all other people to get expert in mobile websites as it is a very easy way to get money.